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Packaged Beers: 12 oz Cans

Caldera was the first craft brewery on the West Coast to brew and can its own beer, earning the motto: "Micro Canning Since 2005". The benefits of cans compared to bottles are that they eliminate light, have less oxidation, are lighter to carry, they don't break as easily, are 100% recyclable, plus they chill quicker and stay cold longer, making them perfect for rafting, camping, fishing and skiing.

Packaged Beers: 22 oz Bottles


Draft Beers: Kegs

Caldera's draft beers are available in select markets. Most are available at our Brewery & Restaurant in Ashland, Oregon, so if you're in the neighborhood, drop on by. We'll treat you right.

Packaged Beers: 12 oz Bottles

Although we love cans here at Caldera, we also know that some people just love their beer out of glass. If this is you, or if you simply want to sample beers we don't offer in cans, we offer several of our most varied beers in 12 oz bottles.

Seasonal 12 oz Cans

Caldera is pleased to introduce three specially chosen seasonal canned beers.


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